Digital was born from film, and it's important to know where it all started. We are groomed to use screens and digital media, and never actually see the process of what it takes to make a photo. Remember looking through mom and dad's old photo albums, handling prints created by a physical process? I don't want to lose that. I don' t want to have the next generation staring at a screen to remember me. It's tangible, it's art, it's a process and it's important. That's why I want to create black and white photographs with you, in a darkroom, so we can have printed photos to put on our walls. 

Why film? Film prints done through an enlarger on light sensitive paper create a timeless photo. It's completely different than ink on paper. Have you ever held one and looked at it? It's unlike anything else. You control the paper, the contrast, exposure, framing, focus and just about anything you can imagine. Most importantly, you make it. 

I want to give you the opportunity to create. Do you want to shoot the photos? Fantastic. Do you want to be in the photos? Wonderful. Let's create. 

Who? You. It doesn't matter how much camera knowledge you have. You can do it.

What? We will shoot black&white film, bring it back to the darkroom, develop the film and then create prints for you take home. 

When? You tell me, any time we can make it happen. Let's keep 3-4 hours free.

Where? Water House Studio for the darkroom, anywhere you want for taking photos.

We will provide chemicals, paper and all other necessary items for production. You just need to show up. 

Have an old film camera you'd like to use? Bring it! You're welcome to any of my film gear as well. Either way, we will be giving the shutter a work out.


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See you soon.