May 13, 2017 is the date. I'll shoot one roll of 35mm black & white film per 30 minute session, in studio. Individual or group portraits welcome. Cost of package also includes film, development, and dark room enlargement of 2 to 3 prints (8x10). From the first shot to the framable prints, everything is done by hand, by me in the studio. After finishing the process, you'll receive a package from me including your prints, film negatives and a thank you. 


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Address ( for your prints & Negatives )

Want to know a bit more about what I'll be shooting with and the process during and after your session?

Here it is:

I'll be using Ilford products, specifically Ilford Delta 400 35mm black & white negative film. Once we have finished shooting the roll of film, I will take it into a dark room, put it into a light-tight canister and start the process of using a few different chemical to bring our images to life. Once the film has been processed, cleaned and dried, I will take 2-3 of the best negatives and print photos. This process is also done in the darkroom, with a negative enlarger. We use Ilford 8x10 paper with a pearl finish (think matte, NOT glossy). The paper is submersed in 3 different chemicals which bring to life a black & white photo that doesn't even compare to something printed digitally. It's truly special and unique. 


If you would like to know more about this process or even take the time to participate in all of the darkroom fun, click here for more information and pricing.